Many of the evicted Tacheles artists were housed in Lichtenberg. Are they failing because of bureaucratic pettiness?

The three from the Lichtenberg cultural embassy: (from left to right) Lucas Bottcher, Tim Roeloffs, Txus Parras Photo: Leonard Laurig

Lucas Bottcher is a bit proud when he talks about what he has built up here in the industrial area in Lichtenberg together with former artists* from Kunsthaus Tacheles. "Many who come here feel reminded of the old Tacheles times, for them it’s an unforgettable experience."

In Kiel, Germany, deceased persons were autopsied for a corona study. The result: most victims die of, not with, Covid 19.

Autopsied coronatote: Pathologist Christoph Rocken at his workplace Photo: Esther Geiblinger

Dark and solid is the piece of tissue that lies on the laboratory table in front of Professor Christoph Rocken in the glaring examination light. "Quite typical," says the director of the Institute of Pathology at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), carefully lifting the sample, a piece of a human lung, with tweezers. Bright and spongy the organ should be, there is not much of that to be seen. For Rocken, this is a clear case: The changes were caused by the Covid 19 virus, and the infection was the reason for death.

Several initiatives criticize the Senate’s new construction plans for the Muhlendamm Bridge in Mitte. They expect more people in fewer cars.

Freeway width through the city center: the Muhlendamm Bridge in Mitte Photo: dpa

The dispute over the new construction of the Muhlendamm Bridge continues: on Thursday, initiatives invited to a site inspection, where they renewed their criticism of the planning of the Senate Transport Administration and presented alternatives. Like the city councilor responsible for urban development in Mitte, Ephraim Gothe (SPD), they do not accept the attitude of the Senate administration to build the future bridge only slightly narrower than it is now.

The street art exhibition "The Haus" is colorful, funny, creates the one or other hallucination – and raises strange questions.

If you’re in Berlin, take a look at "The Haus." photo: dpa

Sensationalism is palpable in the queue. What’s behind the Kunsthaus that so many in Berlin have been talking about recently? The greeting on Nurnberger Strabe is friendly but firm. "A warm welcome. Ey, and guys, no photos. Don’t disappoint me." Says a guy with tousled hair and a crooked grin.

To cover the shortage at schools, the federal states are resorting to creative measures. The situation is particularly dire in NRW.

But the forecast, which assumed falling pupil numbers in Germany, was wrong Photo: dpa

"We have a huge problem," says Andrea Oppermann. The head of the Marienstrabe Community Elementary School in Wuppertal is feeling the acute shortage of teachers in the state acutely: "When I advertise positions, no more trained teachers apply for them" – Oppermann is currently filling 5 of 17 positions with students in need – without a degree.

The conflict in Libya is complicated. Reducing it to oil interests is tempting, but nonsense.

"No blood for oil" is a better slogan than "The situation is complicated" Photo: reuters

The conflict in Libya is so complicated that even savvy experts have difficulty explaining which of the many national and international actors is actually fighting whom and why. Every article and every television program would have to be accompanied by a large diagram in order to be able to follow the content halfway.

In Darmstadt, a father strangled his 19-year-old daughter because he rejected her wish to marry. It is unclear whether the act was committed in the heat of the moment.

Police secure the site where the body was found in Darmstadt. Photo: dpa

On a parking lot not far from Darmstadt, which borders on a popular recreation area, the body of a 19-year-old girl had been discovered on Wednesday morning. Only ten minutes away by car the victim had lived with his parents in a block of flats in the district Kranichstein. A cafe, restaurant, beer garden and a pond where paddle boats can be rented in summer are located nearby.

500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the castle church in Wittenberg. Art and science are commemorating the event this year.

War on the palaces? In Wittenberg, the glass palaces commemorate the Reformation for the Luther Year Photo: Michaela Rotsch

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the posting of the 95 theses by Martin Luther, the city on the Elbe, Wittenberg, is virtually covered by the Protestant church superiors with theological harmlessness full of folk character. Thus there was a blessing of dogs owned by Protestants and of refugee boats in Swan Lake.

Nuclear power plant operators will receive around one billion euros in compensation. That’s a lot of money. Nevertheless, this arrangement makes sense.

It’s beautiful: Grohnde nuclear power plant Photo: dpa

There has recently been concern among some opponents of nuclear power plants that the nuclear phase-out in Germany, which is scheduled to end in 2022, will be delayed yet again. This is because the Federal Constitutional Court had declared individual aspects of the 2011 black-yellow phase-out to be unlawful and held out the prospect of longer operating times or financial compensation for plant operators.

Abe is reaping the fruits of the climate of fear he himself has fomented. Thanks to North Korea’s aggression, he will probably be able to wage war again soon.

He shows the Japanese the way to war: Shinzo Abe Photo: reuters

That’s one way to understand the election results in Japan: rocket man Kim saves the prime minister’s ass. Thanks to good planning. Now, finally, forward defense could soon be back on the table.